What could be more mind boggling than our current scenario of living with an uncertain future looming over us? It’s almost like nature is teaching us in the most unusual way that it's time to wake up!

The current restricted way of living has definitely taught us that what is far more important is simply the quality of life. Being locked down in a way where the prime motive is "TO SURVIVE" with whatever little options we have, has left our mind hanging like a pendulum between hope and hopelessness. Hence, the question arises, were we prepared for it? No. But are we surviving it? Yes!


THE GIANT, HUMUNGOUS, STRONG AND THE POWERFUL economy which  humans have taken ages to build so far, has a weakness of falling like the house of cards in the times of uncertainties.


On the contrary, while the global economy is suffering and depleting on the surface of our planet, we finally some have good news! 

The atmosphere of our planet is healing. The ozone layer is shrinking, the pollution levels which was killing the environment has dropped drastically. With reduced tourism, there is far less garbage on the beaches that would generally make its way to the bed of oceans eventually.

Though the current pandemic is not a result of our actions as human beings, its consequences have definitely made us see and believe the change our lifestyle can bring to the environment, our planet and its future. 

For all that we have known and experienced so far, we most definitely do not need another situation like this to open our eyes to new ways of living  that make our planet a beautiful and healthy place to live in. The choices we make today is the foundation of our future.


The ongoing pandemic has still left us with few choices but Global Warming will not. 


We are all in this together. Our prayers for people who are fighting COVID-19.